Nac Mac Vegan: adventures in rabbit food



  1. OK, I tried this and it’s very good in it’s stock form. I, being a crazed retired chef had to go muck about. I used a veggie stock in place of the H2O, adds IMO better mouth feel & richness. I like mustard’s in M&C so about 6 gm of dried plus 6 gm of smoked paprika to help the tomato come forth. Thanks for the chance to play BTW.

    Comment by von Krag — 25/10/2010 @ 20:51

    • If I were making it for just myself, I’d add mustard, but my partner hates the stuff. Paprika is one of those Americanisms… Glad you enjoyed it though.

      Comment by Feòrag — 25/10/2010 @ 22:04

  2. I’m pretty sure ‘worcestershire sauce’ has ‘anchovies’ in it. Anchovies, being fish, isn’t Vegan. Check the ingredients people!

    Comment by Julia — 19/11/2010 @ 04:44

    • Hi Julia, Feorag’s recipe does call for vegan Worcestershire sauce & a quick google turns these up:

      Comment by von Krag — 19/11/2010 @ 10:06

    • When you’ve finished being patronising, did you note that the ingredients specified vegan Worcestershire sauce? Do you think there might be a reason for that? Perhaps that I know, and also imagine that anyone reading this is either aware of the problem, or will see that as a flag and check why I was so specific.

      As it is, there are many vegan varieties of Worcestershire sauce out there. They come in three basic sorts: cheap brands that leave out one of the more expensive ingredients; expensive, usually organic, brands made especially for the veggie market; and Japanese. That last bit might be surprising, but Worcestershire sauce is about the only thing that that Japanese don’t put fish in. Some Japanese brands do contain fish – Bulldog, for example – but the other main Japanese brand, Kikkoman ウスター, is entirely devoid of animal ingredients (it’s in the “Delicious Sauce” range that also includes Tonkatsu sauce and Chuno). For the record, I use a Japanese one.

      An alternative, depending on where you live, is to use one of the other similar sauces. I particularly like Henderson’s Relish, but it’s hard to get outside Yorkshire (though I see they’ll accept orders by post). For a slightly different flavour there’s another traditional British condiment, Mushroom Ketchup, for which recipes abound online, and there’s always the suggestion of the original recipe from which mine evolved: soya sauce.

      Comment by Feòrag — 19/11/2010 @ 10:22

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