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At last!

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I am lucky to live very close to good local health foods shop. My relationship with it has been strained at times, as they often seem to stock everything except what it was I actually wanted. But today I love them deeply and dearly, for they have started selling the one thing I really wanted. Something which has been very difficult to get hold of outside of North America, and which has taken up a couple of kilos of my baggage allowance on many an occasion. Yes, vital wheat gluten is now available in the UK, approximately a minute from my front door! Not as cheap as buying it in the US, but definitely more convenient. They do mail order too.



  1. Thank you for letting us know – this is great news!

    Comment by Emma — 21/06/2010 @ 15:37

  2. I buy mine here at a far more reasonable price, their postage is a bit pricy but I buy 4 bags at a time to spread the cost, £5 a kilo just sounds horribly expensive to me! Reminded me that I must order more, I’m into my last bag. Thanks for the link to the shop though, they have some great organic stuff and free postage is great!

    Comment by Anna — 21/06/2010 @ 15:42

    • The other UK mail order source is The Flourbin in Chesterfield. It’s cheap, but the postage is steep. They don’t promote unhealthy crank diets and ant-vegetarian attitudes like your place, either. If you are a baker, the Flourbin is a really useful site specialising in various flours.

      Personally, I prefer to walk to my local shop and have it right now, and I’m really glad I can do that.

      Comment by Feòrag — 21/06/2010 @ 17:42

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