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Nargile, Edinburgh

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Nargile (the name is a type of water pipe, i.e. a bong) is somewhere I go to occasionally, but have never thought of as being particularly vegan-friendly. Like many Turkish and Middle Eastern places, there’s yoghurt in everything. There was, so I thought, no indication on the menu as to what would be suitable.

We have a house guest, so we went there last night, and I had real trouble deciding, and that’s when I was presented with the special menu – the one that’s marked up indicated which dishes are vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free etc., and those which can be made so. It even mentioned what changes would be made to render the dishes suitable for whatever need I had. It was surprising how much of the yoghurt was an afterthought. In the end I went for a selection of cold vegan mezze, and was presented with an enormous platter with a beetroot dish, dolmas, butter beans in tomato sauce, hummous and a couple of other fresh vegetable dishes. I couldn’t finish it, but I came close!

Recommended, but ask for the marked-up menu. The prices are mid-range – about £20 a head for three courses without wine.



  1. yeah, there’s a mediterranean place here that is owned by people who have a vegan son.

    the reason he’s vegan(all the time) is because all during lent, they abstain from all animal products because of their religion. so lent is the absolute best time to go and eat there because there are more vegan items on the menu than usual.

    Comment by supercarrot — 21/03/2009 @ 14:27

    • It’s okay to say where it is, you know 😉

      Comment by Feòrag — 21/03/2009 @ 14:39

      • oops! haha. norma’s mediterranean/cous cous (2 restaurants connected to each other, different environments. cous cous is more romantic.) in cherry hill NJ. 🙂

        Comment by super carrie — 21/03/2009 @ 20:03

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