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Review: Joyce Chen Spiral Slicer

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Joyce Chen Spiral Slicer

Joyce Chen Spiral Slicer

I picked up this little gadget at Grezzo on my recent trip to Boston. I’d been looking for one, and asked if they knew where I could get on, and it turned out they sold them. It does one trick, one that isn’t done by any of the other gadgets cluttering up my kitchen. It simply cuts vegetables into spirals, with a option to cut them into noodle-like spiral strips. By slicing vertically down your vegetable, to halfway through, you can get slices – I think I’ll stick to using a mandoline and/or my very sharp Japanese knives for that job, thank you.

Getting in five-a-day is tricky, even for a vegan, and doing so during a Scottish winter is even less practical, so my plans for this gadget are to use it to create more palatable dishes from carrots, turnips and similar rooty staples. It should be particularly good for Japanese carrot and daikon salad.

I decided to test it with the vegetable most likely to be subject to its blades – an innocent little carrot. But first I had to assemble it. The assembly is not the same as illustrated in the manual, but that’s because some of the work has already been done at the factory. I also noticed that one of the lugs that holds the top part to the cutting part had not survived the game of rugby played by the baggage handlers. This turned out to not affect its operation, though I might still glue it back on.

I prepared my sacrifice by top-and-tailing it and cutting it in half. Inserting it into the device wasn’t tricky, and operation is simple – just turn the handle clockwise while exerting gentle downward pressure. It’s a slow process, and a little bit of exercise. And the results?

Half a savaged carrot.

Half a savaged carrot.

That should be one of the five. I used it as a garnish on top of a bowl of instant noodle soup, along with some raw spinach and purple sprouting broccoli.

Plus points: makes vegetables more interesting, and raw vegetables edible, relatively inexpensive ($25 US).

Minus points: incorrect assembly instructions, hard work, only one width of strips available, hard to find.

Another review: Vegetarian Belly (negative).


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