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Cabbage rolled in Abura-age

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The veg box this week included an enormous cabbage, so I’m very interested in your cabbage recipes. Last night, I made a recipe from Japanese Vegetable Cooking by Asako Tohata, and I’ve added my notes to it:

4 large cabbage leaves (3 will be more than enough if your cabbage is the size of mine!)
2 sheets abura-age (deep fried tofu – obtainable in the freezer section of anywhere selling Japanese food)
40cm (16″) kanpyo (dried gourd strips) – (actually, twice as much is needed)
broth: ½ cup konbu dashi;
1-1/3 tbsp sake;
1-1/3 tbsp mirin (left out due to it hiding);
1-1/3 tbsp soy sauce; salt (omitted – there’s enough in the soy sauce!)

Put cabbage leaves in boiling water until tender, cut out stem portion of leaves and discard (put into soup or something).

Rinse abura-age in boiling water to get rid of excess oil. Slit around three sides opening the abura-age out into a single sheet. Rub kanpyo with salt until soft (not necessary; didn’t bother) and boil in water (just long enough to soften – a couple of minutes).

On a cutting board, place abura-age inside up and spread cabbage leaves on it. Roll together (so the abura-age is on the outside and the cabbage inside) and tie with kanpyo in two places (a quarter of the way along from each end).

Cook in broth slowly (about 15-20 mins, less if you like your cabbage crunchy). Cut into two (between the tied parts).

I served this with chestnut rice.



  1. […] Cabbage rolled in Abura-age […]

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  2. I have been on the search for some ideas to make a rolled cabbage dish.
    Now I have found what looks like a good one, I can’t wait to give it a go!
    I wish I could try it out tonight, but have all the ingredients except for the abura-age. Do you know if the recipe would work with firm tofu as a substitute?

    Comment by Sweetly Suze — 05/04/2010 @ 09:51

    • Alas, I don’t think it would work with firm tofu even if you sliced it thinly and deep-fried it. Aburaage is made from a special type of tofu. What might work, and I haven’t tested this, would be yuba, which you can get as “Dried bean curd skin” in sheets from Chinese supermarkets and, as it’s dried, you might be able to mail order it. Reconstituting yuba is a matter of wiping it over with a damp cloth. You could then use it for your rolls, and cook as described. It won’t be the same, but it should work, and it will be much lower in fat. If you want it fried, yuba fries really well, if rather quickly, so you could briefly saute the steamed rolls in a little oil just before serving.

      Comment by Feòrag — 05/04/2010 @ 10:12

    • I just noticed where you are, so you should be able to get yuba quite easily and it will be called just that. Surprised you can’t get aburaage though.

      Comment by Feòrag — 05/04/2010 @ 10:15

  3. Ah thanks for the info. all extremely useful.
    Yeah I can quite easily get the yuba and abura-age. I was just in seach of something to cook using the ingredients I already had in the fridge.
    Yuba is great when using for fresh spring rolls. Easier to prepare than the thin rice ones I think.

    Comment by Sweetly Suze — 18/04/2010 @ 04:38

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