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World’s Best Inarizushi

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a dozen pieces of inarizushiTo celebrate the arrival of my very own hangiri, I made a batch of inarizushi, My recipe is based on that in Soei Yoneda’s Zen Vegetarian Cooking, but uses brown rice and much less sugar (and ready-made pouches).

1.5 cups short grain brown rice
3 cups water

3 tbsps brown rice vinegar
1 tbsp mirin

2 tbsps black sesame seeds.
A pinch or two of Yuzu – grated citron peel.

1 fan!

1 tin pre-made inarizushi no moto

Cook the rice in the water and leave with the lid on and the heat off for a bit. Blend the vinegar and mirin. Tip the rice into a hangiri. Any large bowl will do really, but it’s not as pretty. Add a small amount of the vinegar mix and stir in well with a flat paddle, while fanning the rice frantically, until it is absorbed. Repeat until the vinegar mix is all used up. Add the sesame seeds and yuzu and stir in well. Spread the rice over the surface of your mixing bowl, cover and leave for a bit for the flavours to mingle.

Open your tin and drain. Save the sauce and add it to a noodle soup or something. Take a pouch and open it up gently. Fill it about halfway up with the rice, fold over the remaining pouch and put it on a plate fold downwards. Repeat with the other 14 pouches. Try not to eat them all as you go along. Make rice balls out of any leftover rice.

Notes: I use a metric cup which holds 250ml (as opposed to about 225ml). This recipe makes too much rice anyway, so just use what you have. A UK tablespoon is 15ml as opposed to 10ml in the US. Inarizushi na moto is available at any Japanese grocery or Asian grocery with a Japanese section. It is also available in vacuum packs. The yuzu you get in little yellow-topped glass jars contains lactose (Update: not any more, it doesn’t!). You can get it in small packets with a citron pictured on the front, and this brand is just the yuzu. If you can’t get it, experiment with finely grated peel of other citrus fruits.



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